A Birthday Surprise

A Birthday Surprise
Thanks Honey !!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It was a great Weekend!!

 Surprising weekend to say the least, things seem to be getting back to normal. Saturday night we went to dinner, and after a really nice romantic evening we arrived home.

 I let the dog out, and came back in to find my Wife sitting on the living room couch. Her dress was hiked up a little showing off the tops of her stockings, and She had a smile on Her lips, and a gleam in Her eyes, one that I have not seen in a while. She crooked her finger to me, and pointed to Her lap. It didn't take long for me to be over Her knee, staring at the carpet. But as it turned out it was a really sensual hand spanking that lasted for about 15 - 20 minutes. Needless to say it turned out to be a wonderful night, and the sparks flew, nice to know how much She cares!!!



Lovely Lap

Talk about being left hanging!

Good old fashioned spanking

She looks determined

I'm waiting

Nice Lap

No Escape!!


How True!!


spankedbywife said...

There is just something erotic about a Lady who has hiked up her skirt to reveal stocking tops just before beckoning her guy to take a trip over her lap.


Njspank said...

Wow, nothing better than a nice long slow erotice bare bottom spanking over the knee of a caring lady....well done and yes I bet sparks flew.

joeyred51 said...

Thank you for sharing all the cool photos and cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Good pics--I see by comments that most guys here like a spanking and fine it romantic--I get a rare bare ass paddling but its when i have just gone too far in my wilder behavior and my wife has been ppushed too far--I never argue--She padlles my bare butt --however, its not exciting or raomantic---It hurts and i am just taking it to make things right--a guy who actually likes a spanking is lucky---I am not one IT HURTS

paul said...

just been spanked in diaper postion with wood clothes brush standing to type this!!

Anonymous said...

This weekend after our friends had gone home, my wife confronted me in our living room with her tawse. The drapes were open and our house is on a well traveled street. I knew I was in for it and went to close the drapes. But before I reached the window she had me by the ear. As she scolded me I was focused on closing the drapes. To no avail she had my pants down and me over the sofa and started strapping me. Soon I lost interest in the drapes and was focused on complying with her oders and trying to get her to stop. After a long painful hiding she let me up and she stood me up with my butt facing the window. She lectured me more and I knew that moving would get me only into more strapping. I still have marks on my butt and legs as I write this. I am not sure if anyone saw or heard.

dave b said...

My wife and I work and live togther and people comment how great we get along and how well our business does---What they do not guess is that every so often when the employees go home I get my bare ass paddled hard--and I am the first to admit I got it coming--My wife is better in a difficult situation and I can (rarely) do not do well and say things and do things that are hurtful and selfish---We both know when that kind of a day happens--we are staying late--and i get a damn hard paddling on my bare ass over her knee--I got it coming and i take it and things are once again great between us--Maybe its the reason our business is so sucessful--I am a big man and a strong man but a paddling on the bare butt hurts plenty----It is a sucess stroy we will never sahre

Anonymous said...

Pic of "good old fashioned spanking' could be me or my brothers back in th 60's as my mom still paddled us bare---and we were in high school football---It hurt but we never questioned that she had a right to do it---It was a different era---other guys got it from mom----but of course we all said it was dad who did it when they saw our butts